Healing Beyond the Horizon

HEALING BEYOND THE HORIZON and its partners treat 500 internally displaced people

This event has expired

Healing Beyond the Horizons in order to increase access to quality medical care for the Lebang IDP population in Dschang by supporting the Fiangep Polyclinic, provides free and quality care for their medical and surgical conditions



Medical Activities: 

      • Medical consultations and investigations.
      • Simple obesity classifications
      • Administration of anthelminthic drugs to kids.
      • Distribution of drug to patients consulted.
      • ECG examination to those with suspected cardiac diseases
      • Treatment of common medical conditions diagnosed. (Diabetes, hypertension, malaria)

Surgical Activities:   

      • Circumcision
      • Hernia repairs
      • Lipoma extraction
      • Wound care (including debridement)
      • I & D of abscesses
      • Oral and dental surgery
      • simple biopsies for breast nodules
      • simple ultrasound for abdominal masses and traumatic conditions

Obstetric Activities/IWC activitie: 

      • Antenatal care.
      • Provision of vitamin A to infants and pregnant women
      • Ultrasound examination to pregnant women.
      • IEC for pregnant women and Children
      • Promotional activities for pregnant women and Children
      • Point pre-natal care for pregnant women who are seen and in need
      • Screening of pregnant women for danger diseases in pregnancy
      • Infant welfare clinic and post-natal follow up to lactating and postpartum mothers

Sensitization and Screening:

      • Anonymous HIV, STIs/STDs, Diabetes and hypertension screening
      • Cervical Cancer Screening (including treatment of low grade lesions)
      • Breast Cancer Screening
      • Biopsies and pap smears for suspicious lesions as indicated
      • Menstrual hygiene for young girls
      • screening of children for malnutrition
      • MUAC and z-scores

Communication for change in behavior will be centered on the following themes:

      • Fight against the malaria vector
      • Effects of overcrowding.
      • Prevention of diarrheal diseases
      • Sensitization on the method of non-degradable waste disposal
      • Instructive talk on abortion and unwanted pregnancies
      • Family planning

Covid-19 testing for symptomatic patients only

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